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Unbleached & Unbromated

  We use King Arthur Unbleached – Unbromated Flour
Potassium bromate is typically added to bread flour to help the elasticity of the baked product. The additive is not permitted for use in the U.K. but it is used in the U.S. Many consider potassium bromate unhealthful and products that contain the additive must be labeled as such in some States in the U.S.

Bromate Fact Sheet

Potassium bromate (KBrO3), is a flour “improver” that strengthens dough and allows for greater oven spring and higher rising in the oven. Potassium bromate, commonly referred to as simply “bromate” is a slow-acting oxidizer, contributing its functionality through out the mixing, fermentation and proofing stages, with important residual action during the early stages of baking. Azodicar-bonamide (ADA), potassium and calciumiodate, and calciumperoxide arerapid-acting oxidizers, while ascorbic acid (vitamin C) work s at intermediate rates, but all release their activity in mixing and proofing bromate, when applied within the prescribed limits (15 – 30ppm ), is completely used up during the bake leaving no trace in the finished product. How ever, if too much is used, or the bread is not baked long enough or at a high enough temperature, then a residual amount will remain.

The primary concern regarding the use of bromates in baking is its demonstrated link to cancer in laboratory animals. It was first found to induce tumors in rats in 1982. H ow ever, since 1991, instead of banning bromate outright the FDA, with somewhat limited success, has merely encouraged bakers to voluntarily stop using it.

Bromates have been banned in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom in 1990 and Canada in 1994. In addition, in 1991, California declared bromate a carcinogen under the state’s Proposition 65. As such, baked goods sold in California would have to bear a store level cancer warning if they contained m ore than a certain level of bromate. As a result, most California bakers have switched to bromate-free procecces.


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Our Breads are currently being sold at Broom’s Bloom Dairy. 1616 Fountain Green Road, Bel Air, MD 21015.
We are also baking  bread that is served at Soup R Natural in Hereford, MD.